Welcome to my slice of internet heaven :) My name is Rebecca. I have been a graphic and web designer for over 9 years.


Originally born in Sydney, Australia. Soon after I developed the start of my career as a designer I packed up, shipped off and moved to the sunny UK. This is where I developed the blessed travel bug. It has not left me since.

I started freelancing as a means to saving money for my trip to the UK. I loved freelancing and never stopped!


I am now traveling around the world designing for clients who I love working with and who love working with me.

There is no shortage of inspiration as I travel around looking at natural beauty, world-class museums, attending design conferences and meeting people of all different lifestyles, learning as I go.


I keep a blog, which you can read here. This is my creative outlet. My pride and joy where I write the most unprofessional of things about what I see and do whilst I travel.

I show my photo manipulations, the good and the bad, the ones I'm practicing my skills on and the ones I succeed with.

I get creative with quotes about life and travel and finding amazing images online. It is my pride and joy and my little burst of life on this huge internet world.

My work style

Customer service is of number one importance to me. If my customers are not happy, they will find someone else… that would make me sad.

I love helping small businesses, I love knowing that the branding and style that I create can help them to achieve their goals. I am a passionate believer in marketing and I know whole heartedly that it is marketing and good design that will help a business strive!

My apprach is strategic, analytical and above all, of top standards. I will not give you a logo inspired straight from clip art and stock imagery. I will research your industry, take inspiration from those excelling. Your website, will be clear coded and easy for you to learn to update. I will over analysis and loose hours of sleep over those big and small projects that I find passion in. Your design problem is my design solution and I will take great care in solving it

Why work with me

What can I say, I'm all heart. My clients matter to me. After all, without you, how would I eat? How would I feel my creative bursts supressed? How would I travel! For this reason, I take care of my clients. It's a competitive world out there and you could go anywhere, I like to think my clients stay with me because they like me 🙂

I feel a design should be the total package. I am passionate, when I start a job, I finish it and finish it right. When you tell me about your needs and your business, I feel like it is mine. (well, not literally, but design helps a business grow. Thats a lot in the power of my strategic, marketing, design mind). I put my heart and soul into a design.

I feel design should be the total package. To hire a designer, should be someone who has your business/projects best interest at heart. I like to pride myself in being there after the project is complete. Being there whilst the project is happening. Using my expertise – I have been designing for many years, from books, imagery, inspiration, schooling, I would like to think that I have developed a certain eye… or maybe just a painful habit of over analysing asthetics a little bit too much.

Whilst I do believe the client is always right, simply because it is, in the end, your project, if I know the message you want to create. I will still always offer my best advice based on my day in and day out interaction with design.