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March 17, 2018

My 5 week trip is at a holt, and now im back in London, working my butt off trying to get more money for more travel and as I reflect (constantly) on the trip, as much as it ma seem like all I did was complain, I lvoed my trip, it was great! and one place I look back on is Paris!

I came across some amazing design work when trying to collect quotes and inspiration for my own Paris Typography. Its said Paris - you either love it or hate it! Now I mentioned previously I LOVED paris... in fact I remember tweeting that I wanted to live there (still do - any job offers, get in contact) Right getting off topic again.

* if Paris was a perons she would be a graphic designer.

So in constructing my own masterpiece below, I came across some other wonderous work that I just had to share - ┬áHope you enjoy ­čÖé

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Paris Quotes




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