Recently my friend "Good Travel buddy" left Australia and came over to live in London on a working holiday visa, nothing new, we all do it!  I remember when she first arrived, jobless, houseless, in limbo and depressed. She was sleeping on my sofa and I had to continuously remind her why she was here. She was homesick, friend sick and hated the weather, 3 months on and things are looking up for her, she got a job, made some other friends and she is off doing some travels, and I could not be more jealous! Her story is not too similar to my own story.

Months on and as I wrote this post I was messaging another friend of mine who has just came to London (I swear they all follow me), i'm texting her all pumped for a catch up on a Friday night and she replies "its cold, i'm miserable, sobbing on the sofa, missing everyone" she was feeling sorry for herself, wondering how she is going to survive.

It happens to us all! Dear Expat, it gets better

It gets better, it really does, how do I know, I have been there and done that. I drafted this post months ago but what inspired me to finish it was a note book I had carried with me from Sydney to London and have found it in the bottom of my notebook draws (I never do manage to finish them stories) flipping through it was hilarious, the first few pages were all things I wrote in Sydney, things I wanted to see and do, expectations I had, and one page was written on my second day in London.. it went something like this

"I feel like I struck out! desperation! I have not spoken to anyone in days, and when someone speaks to me I think I'm so overly happy to speak to them that I stink of desperation and they think I'm weird and run away."

Remembering I came on my own and unlike my beloved friends, I knew not a sole here.

The first 2 days in London were tough! I knew no one and didn't even know where to start, I then fled to Paris where no one spoke English. It was not until the 4th day of travel where I met a friendly couple and things seemed okay. Returning from traveling and ready to setttle down I had a hard time with a scam program i joined, and life seemed tough. I just thought I had made all the wrong decisions and should not be here in London.

The Time-line

I have recently been commissioned to do a few info-graphics for clients, info-graphics are a big thing at the moment, the new form of marketing and communication. It was using this inspiration that I decided to create my own info-graphic about "The Time-line of an expat" Of course this is mostly based in London and from experiences of my own and friends, but the general gist of an expat timeline is there.


And this is where I am at now. I did my struggle and am now reaching my end of London life. Just when I made friends, enjoyed the London scene and my job, I am made to leave. The expat cycle is a tough one, but trust me new mover, it gets easier 🙂



  1. Love the infographic you’ve done! All very true, went through all of this when I tried to live in another country!

  2. inka says:

    What a brilliant ides, the info-graphic. Yes, it´s all the hype now. Of course it gets better, expat life is alluring, otherwise we wouldn´t have chosen it. Thank you too for reading so many posts of mine and commenting. BTW Berliner Currywurst is my favorite too.

  3. That’s a brilliant graphics! Definitely saving it up for later when I’ll have to return back home from France (though I secretly hope that day will never come)

  4. Melisa Lissa says:

    Hmm… suspenseful!

    We just booked plane tickets to Florida in janurary and I’m not very good at planes. It depends. Sometimes I can really just site back and relize how miraculous and kinda fun it is. Other times, not somuch. We shall see!

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